cannot get the first backup to finish

I installed Comodo Backup and all I wanted to do at first is just a backup of one of my data drives (1.5 TB) to a local external USB drive (2.0 TB). I set it up and it dutifully says it is copying each individual file to the designated CBU file. Of course, it takes several hours, and each time I check it, it has not completed the first backup and starts again with the screen to choose what I want to back up. I have tried it several times and each time it does not finish and at the bottom where it says when the last backup was, it says “None”. What gives?

Win 7 Ultimate

I appreciate the fact that Comodo is making programs available for free like CIS, EasyVPN, and Backup for personal use, but I have had problems with EVPN and BU, so now I am a little less confident in my CIS.

Hi Alan,

I haven’t struck this issue before and have used CBU to backup huge quantities of data to multiple destinations.

As an initial test, can you try backing up a single folder from your current source drive to your current destination drive. This will at least let us know that the app can complete a backup. If it does, we can then examine is the issue is caused by the size of the data being backed up or if it is caused by the drives it is reading/writing to.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think I figured it out. It wasn’t the size of the backup as much as the size of the individual items being backed up. I had a few 50 GB virtual hard drives that it was choking on. Eliminating them seemed to backup OK.

On an unrelated topic, do you know how to take a local backup on an external hard drive and take it to another computer on the network and use it as an off-site backup?

Good to hear you found the cause.

To restore a backup from machine A onto machine B, create the backup as you normally would. When restoring onto machine B all you need to do (after installing Comodo Backup 2 on it of course ;)) is, at step 3, turn off “Restore to default location” and then choose where you want the backup written to.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Actually, I was not talking about restoring computer A to computer B. I was talking about creating a local backup of computer A and then moving the backup to computer B so that I can then do incremental backups over the network. I assume it would be much faster to first back up locally before doing a network backup.


In 2.2 version, Comodo BackUp does not support incrementals.
We have a new BETA version that does:
It might contains some bugs, but you are free to test it.