Cannot get Defense+ to remember my choice

Comodo Firewall 4.0.1355239.742
Windows XP Pro SP-3

I have a program named Replay Media Catcher from Applian. I put Defense+ in training mode because I want it to create the app rules for this program. I get a popup from Defense+ saying that MediaCatcher.exe wants elevated privileges. Yep, that’s allowed for this program. I check the box to send the file to Comodo (so they can update their whitelist). However, there is no checkbox for me to remember my choice (of Allow). This means EVERY TIME that I load this program that Defense+ is going to complain about it (hyphens added to circumvent Comodo’s poor “bad word” filter).

Who designed this prompt? Comodo thinks I want to answer this everytime I load the program just because Comodo is behind in updating their whitelist (this is NOT a new version of this program)? This is the kind of stupidity that has users dumping Comodo’s products. They can’t get CIS to work because it refuses to remember the user’s choice.

Instead I have to go into the My Own Safe Files list and manually add the executable file all because the option to remember my choice is missing from the prompt. As I recall, this is a really old defect for Comodo. I’ll tell you this, if I hit one more program that generates a Defense+ alert for which I cannot have it remember my choice, this product is off my host. This is MY MACHINE, not Comodo’s, and I will have it run the way that I WANT IT, not Comodo. If Comodo is unwilling to remember MY CHOICE then my choice will be to get rid of Comodo!

I spent 4 hours going through what should’ve been an easy training session for Defense+ only to get repeatedly exasperated by the stupidity of the Sandbox not also going into training mode (I have another thread on this). I’m getting real tired very quickly with this product for not remembering MY CHOICES.

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