Cannot fix relayed connection

While I have a relayed connection to one computer on a network, all other connections to other computers on the network are direct.
I have allowed and opened all ports, TCP 443 and UDP 8000, and UDP 12000-13000.
I am using Trend Micro Titanium internet security and a Comcast modem/router, but this doesn’t seem to have much relevance, as I am able to connect to others just fine.
I’m not sure what it is about this one connection. On their end, they are able to connect to everyone else just fine as well, except for me.
I am using a Windows 8… But again, it doesn’t seem to be a compatibility issue, either.
Thank you, anyone, if you can try to offer assistance… I understand that it is discontinued, but this is our second resort from Hamachi, and for them, it seems to be working very well, so I believe it is worthwhile to fix the problem.

so what about pc with relayed connection ? have you check it for a firewall and or router ?

if other work just fine, this one need to be checked.

can i ask, what do you need cu for ?

It seems to be working just fine from them to others etc, and they are the host, so I don’t think there’s a problem there… They can’t port forward, either, if that is the reason. :-
Just a Minecraft server… it’s really not working out for me. I’m the only one that can’t connect without falling through the world or being on the map but on a non-responsive version where everyone and everything is frozen. >:(

for gaming try evovle ( link in my signature or - )

best software for gamers. build in voip, recording and streaming to ( in free version )

so if you decide to use evovle, uninstall cu first.