Cannot find MBR

Not sure if this a bug or something wrong with my PC but it seems that the 3rd or 4th time I bring my PC out of hibernation, after the HOME time maching prompt, the system says it cannot locate the MBR. I end of restarting and restoring the snapshot right before that or rarely have to select one a few back. I have learned to RELIGIOUSLY save my data as shapshots wipe all modified since the last save. ouch. I cringe every time I have to start my PC. :cry: I am just setting up another system so we will see what happens with it.

!ot! Not sure if I can ask for a new feature here but will do it anyhow: the snaps are global in nature and was wondering if it can be limited in future to just a few file types or maybe all modified files EXCEPT some file types. The reason I ask for this is because some of the files it stores and restores are PST’s and those size in the GB’s which eats up precious HDD space. If those can be exluded, that would be fine. Going from system registry snap’s with Windows System Restore to Time Machine snap’s for ALL FILES is a big jump. Now we need something in between those two extremes.


Austin… Since your post has been made for awhile n with no response, I’d like to give my view on using CTM to protect Windows system partition (as most people would do with CTM).

In my case I allocated around 30GB to be my system partition, with a few vital programs such as anti-virus n firewall installed alongside with Windows on it, and kept all other programs/files on other non-system partitions. By doing so my system partition’s fragmentation level would stay relatively low over time, and also I will not have the problem you face since all other Big files are not on my protected partition.

Use other forms of back-up for your big files on non-protected drive/partition !