cannot establish network connection to the server (your server)can not establish

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Error Code :
cannot establish network connection to the server (Your server name ) can not establish SSL connection to the server (your server name ) error status(1)
If you get the above error while deploying the comodo antivirus / Firewall to the clients and Please make sure that you have disabled firewall and any other antivirus installed on both the clients and server ( installed CESM console ) . After disabling the firewall please restart your clients once if that does not communicate and then try to deploy the agents and hope this will work .



Hello Ayaz,

This error code means that while endpoint is accessible from the server the vise versa is false. In other words, CESM Agent cannot connect back to the server during deployment. To fix this issue you have to be sure that at least one of the server addresses that are mentioned in ESM Configuration Tool is accessible from the endpoint. One of the possible reasons for this is active Firewall on server machine.

Please check this and other possible network connection blockers.

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