"Cannot establish chain-of-trust from reply" error

Hello all -

I currently have an open ticket with tech support on this, but was hoping to get some other opinions or ideas.

I signed up for the free 90-day trial EssentialSSL and got the zip file, then imported all of the certificates onto the webserver. The webserver is SJSAS 9.1 (Glassfish), and I am using keytool to import the certs. I also followed the EssentialSSL set up directions in the Knowledgebase.

Everything was installed correctly, except for the last certificate, the domain one. I installed the root, then the 3 intermediates, but got a java error with the domain import:

“Cannot establish chain-of-trust from reply”

Any ideas?

Hi malakh,

I would suggest you to use Instant ssl for java application support. Also kindly send the error message if possible with a screenshot to support@comodo.com to further investigate on this issue.