cannot download comodo cleaning essentials!!!! please help

When i try to download Comodo Cleaning Essentials from comodo page, my internet connection is disconecting from internet, why??? Cannot download Comodo Cleaning Essentials!!! :(((( I installed KillSwitch. Maybe i have to desintall KillSwitch and try again??? I have a virus, or keylogger who dont let me to install it??? It disconnect from internet, page when i click link to download, i installed win zip and result is the same :(((((((

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I reinstalled but only KillSwitch work!!!! The CCE.dll not found! I have to click on search in windows control panel to find it!!!

The error message is:
-CCE.exe Unable to locate component, This Application failed to start, CCE.dll was not found.
Reinstalling the Application may fix this problem!!! I have to reinstall,:(((((((( again through brothersoft, because original link, desactivate the internet connection!!! I use, Internet Security Comodo!!! maybe is interffered with this application!!! I will accept that: I cannot install comodo cleaning essentials, from his original page!!! Maybe somebody dont want this product on my computer, because i will find him in my pc; something try to block me to install it, or it is not compatible with COMODO INTERNET SECURITY!

try downloading from here

here is the latest beta if you want to give that a try

Not working it DISCONNECT ME !!! from internet, close the connection!!!
-when i click on it, internet connection is off!!! Only to this link, or others containing this !!! Another links works :((((
-Maybe it work on different network, server ?