Cannot completely uninstall CMF inorder to reinstall CMF

Have had NO problems with CMF untill now.

Used Revo to Uninstall CMF to check out other problems and now I cannot reinstall?
When I click on the Installer everything seems to go fine till near the end and the error message pops up unable to delete all the links please manually delete.

I have deleted the CMF folder under Program Files ComodoGroup, and gone into the Software registry key and deleted CMF link
But the same error still appears.

Had a problem which will require a system reinstall in the near future but most programs run as they should.
This computer is from one daughter (who just updated to a laptop).
I did know better but when I took possession I planned to clean it up and install security software other than McAffee (CIS probably after the next release) As I said I should have known This HP has an AMD Processor but I had the HP Intell processor loop when I tried to install XP SP3.

Had to use HPs recoery which reinstalled All of XP and all the original software that came with HP.
This deleted all the software I previous upgraded to, and reinstalled all the original software, It came with Norton but the college requires McAffee for everyone that uses their network. So I had to delet both Norton and McAffee again etc.

Wonder if Comodo could produce a similar repair program so a user could create a repair point including software when they do a major software change or upgrade, and not like HP does and bring them back to the out of box bloadware and the paid content that was added by HPs Repair ?

One place I would have looked for links is the Applications folder but cannot find any applications folder?

Allways use cleanup tools after uninstalls including CRC.

Thank you for any suggestions. Not sure when I will be starting XP over but would like to reinstall CMF before I do!

Had Hoped BoClean might have been also installed into CIS soon, along with an even more improved sharing dynamic between all programs in the Comodo Group for evem more improved ram and cpu reduced usage.

Curious when I do install CIS will there be any problems either because of the current problem or because I would already have a full CMF already installed. Have no problmes installing software or the original CMF install on this desktop.

I wonder if Comodo is collecting of programs or files that needed to be loaded to the exceptions list. Then an auto scan could scan for those programs and then automatically add them to the list. The only program I needed to add was TvPrunner from a program called Joost.

Again Thank You