Cannot browse the internet

Hi gyuys i’m new here dwnled COMODO FW and am unable to browse the internet using internet explorer 6 i guess which comes with the XP so please can some1 help me how to configure it to allow me to browse the net.

Thank you.

Are you using CFP You can go to miscellaneous/about and check. If not, go to and download, uninstall, reinstall per the instructions there. If you are, go to firewall/advanced/network security policy and find your browser and set it to “Web Browser”. Can you not see any of the websites? Is your email working? Are you using XP with SP2 (required for CFP3).

IE6??? Microsoft made or will make IE 7 downloadable for everybody regardless of being genuine or not: . Don’t tempt the lower gods using IE 6… (:NRD)