Cannot add sync file/folder

My 11-inch netbook…
The Settings window cannot be resized, and thus I am not able to click the ‘Add’ button (the window simply goes beyond my screen, and I can’t do anything to adjust its size). I tried to use Tab key to navigate, but it even does not allow Tab key or any arrow key to switch between panes or buttons. Therefore I cannot add sync files/folders at all.
This is a minor bug, but due to the fact that the sync function is essential to me (might also be true for many users I guess), I have to bother you and report this. Hope a near future release of CTM will allow windows resize, especially the settings window.
Thank you very much.

Do you have your screen resolution set very low? What is it and can you set it higher?

I set it to the highest possible 1024 x 600
It’s not a matter of resolution. If I can resize the Settings window, and move the window around, I will be able to see the ‘Add’ button. Thx tho.

hi, huidong

We will fix your problem in the future and thank you for feedback!

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hi, huidong

We fixed this bug in 166.

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I’m getting an error that avoid adding folders to the sync list…
I cannot add a folder… ???

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How did you add folders to sync list?


Septem, I’ve managed in the past checking the folder box and clicking the add button.
Right now, I don’t want any folder to be synchronized as my documents, images, music, video, etc. are in a non-protected disk. Thanks.

I am quite sure that folders can be added in sync list in 166.

Yes they can. It was my fault. Sorry.


We have fixed this bug in new beta release!

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