Cannot add site to exceptions starting with HTTP

I am running PrivDog on Comodo Dragon.

When I go to add a site to the PrivDog exceptions I go to the site in question, copy the URL, and paste it into the exceptions box for PrivDog. However, it will not allow me to add the site (saying that it is the wrong domain). However, if I remove the http portion of the URL it works fine. Thus, there is a bug with how it accepts the URL’s of the sites for adding to the exceptions.

Thanks for the help!
We do not support the full path of the site.
We can add:

and we can use wildcards (“?” and "")-thanks SanyaIV for the idea.
for example, holly

I think we can add rules in the options page in the next version :slight_smile:

So will you support full paths in the next version then?

Wait, is support for “?” and “*” already added? Because I can’t use them in the latest release. ??? (also, sorry for off-topic)

Yes :-TU thank you for the idea!

thanks! I will make a ticket :wink:

Thank you.

Well in that case, it isn’t working for me. Just tried to add “" and it claimed wrong domain, also tried "” for testing purposes and still wrong domain. :-
Sorry Chiron for the off-topic talk, I’m not sure if it’s worthy of its own topic and I would need to reference a lot of the posts :-\

The feature works in FF. The programmers have done for Chrome, but it was not included in

Oh I see, thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile:

This feature planned for next release in Chrome

Yea still waiting on the next release. I don’t care if I’m bumping a 120 day old thread. You people still haven’t updated your software. This still occurs in BOTH chrome and firefox latest versions.
Domain: (internet radio. It loads facebook connect , flagged as 3rd party, causes entire website to halt).

This is like programming 101. I write software for a living, so while I may be more… computer inclined, than he who is reading this, the fact remains: It is incredibly unintelligent to filter out input for domain exceptions, especially at such a fundamental level.

I mean why on God’s green earth would you lock down the exception list by measure of domain extension value? And even if you can come up with an intelligent or logical answer to that question, there are MUCH better ways to secure the exception list from unauthorized additions.

So here’s some tips for your programmers:

  • Hard-coding is bad, because it causes inability to operate per an exception to your logic, and there is ALWAYS an exception
  • Not updating your software when there are major issues with it, is bad for a multitude of reasons that should be common sense

And in regards to your Internet Security suite which I have uninstalled, because it, even in the completely DISABLED state (firewall, HIPS, sandbox, antiv), it STILL produces file-locks everytime I open a file. And oh dear lord don’t even get me started on the Sandbox feature.
Which is brutal because it means the program loading data from the disk has to WAIT until your software decides it’s “okay” to run, even if it has loaded the same bleeping file 100 times before.
We’re talking about milliseconds here. You guys would probably kill an old IDE hard drive with all the read-head “blips”. Go ahead. Try and run a database system without whitelisting. Try and run a repository. Try and host a website from your system. Try and use a developer IDE. Pay particular notice to your CPU usage.

Did you NOT program in a checksum heuristic for file-open request intercepts? Like geez really… Checksum comparison is so basic, you would think it would come standard. Why scan a file if it doesn’t need to be scanned. #gg
You should hire me, I’d fix all of your bugs and I’d do it in half the time it takes your entire team to update a browser plugin. Give me source code access and 1 month. I’d make artwork out of it, a freaking browser picasso.

When you develop software for a living , it is unacceptable to have to click a “retry, file is locked” button 50,000 times per day, just to have anti-viral “peace of mind”. I bet your programmer team doesn’t even use your own software. And if they do, they have one hell of a whitelist.
I had to write software to auto-retry , that is how bad it is. I shouldn’t have to whitelist an entire hard drive. Which brings me back to the Sandbox feature… I’m not even going to address it. Just 99% bad.

So not only have I uninstalled your Internet Suite, which I paid for, but I am now uninstalling your browser addon. Because you are not designing this software properly. One by one I have had to disable and uninstall every single feature. And I’m bleeping done. Am I mad? You’re d*mn right. I can’t even listen to music with your software running. I can’t even enumerate the amount of time I’ve wasted because of your products. I’m sure it works great for someone that uses a computer only to read email. LOL

Avast here I come.

P.S. Your forum registration CAPTCHA form validator sucks bad. I’d like to see you pass it on the first attempt. You can’t read all the characters. 20/20 vision, took me 12 tries. Just FYI.
P.P.S. I feel sorry for your IT department. The level of bs they have to deal with daily… holy issue list; my first & last post here, being no exception.