cannot activate firewall [Resolved]

I have recieved my activation code and having entered it I keep receiving this error message:-

Error -2146697211. Unknown error. please contact support.

The test the current security configuation is not working either. Can anyone please help?

Hi, witsend26!

We may have an easy solution for this… Some users that have had this some problem have gotten around it by temporarily changing the Security Level to “Allow All,” and completed the activation.

Some have reported that after activating, they had to set the Security Level to “Allow All” again to do their first update to CPF; after that it was fine. That’s been a while back, though. Maybe you’ve somehow gotten an older version; at any rate, try the “Allow All” setting just to activate, then change it back to “Custom” and see if you’re good to go.

Some others have noted that they have a Hosts file which is blocking Comodo, and those entries have to be removed. So if you’re using one for security, that might be your issue instead. If you aren’t sure what the Hosts file is, you probably aren’t using one…

Please post back to note if this worked or not…

Thanks and hope this resolves your problem,


Gosh - what a quick reply! before I followed your answer I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and it’s worked. While everything was uninstalled I removed all residue of the freeware zone alarm (whether there was anything remaining that conflicted I don’t know) but now everything is up and running and I am very impresed with this firewall and am learning all of what it does so i shall be an avid reader of this forum as its the best way to learn.

Thank you for your help.

(:WAV) Glad I could help! Heh heh (even if it really wasn’t any help…)

Seriously, glad it’s working for you. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was related to remnants of ZA; firewalls can do that sometimes - well, really, any software can; they’re all tricky creatures, IMO.

CPF’s different than most other firewalls, and has some unique features that provide excellent security. You’ll find out a lot here in the forums, just poking around. :wink:

Here’s a place I highly recommend starting - Network Control Rules

To me, this is the backbone, or building blocks of it all. Your Network Rules define how your computer, and Applications are allowed to communicate, with Component Rules going down to the small details. Get the Network Rules going, run the Trusted Applications wizard, and you’re on your way. BTW, the “out of the box” Network Rules are great; this discussion will teach you how to create your own if you want/need (for specific applications, etc). If you’re on a network/LAN where you share files w/other computers, you’ll probably want to run the Trusted Zone wizard.



Glad to hear everything is working now :D, since this issue was resolved I will go ahead and mark it as resolved and I will also lock the topic, that way the solution to this issue will not get lost in other posts ;).