Cannot Access Internet-Defense + Issue

This is very irritating. I have a trusted program that after re-registering, access to the Internet is being blocked if Defense + Security Level is enabled with any setting even though I added it to Trusted Files. I have to disable Defense + to gain access to the Internet. It’s a Dock program with a lot of features and obviously has links and modules that has to have access to the Internet for it to work correctly.

Sandbox is enabled and Firewall Security Level is set to Safe Mode. Until this issue, I had Defense + Security Level set to Safe Mode.

The program is not in the Trusted Software Vendors list. How do I prevent this from happening? I want to enable Defense + Security Level and have access to the Internet again. I’ve already sent a false/positive report when it displayed a message a few days ago.

Great news!! I turned on my PC today and re-enabled Defense + to see what the outcome would be. It now works!! I’m no longer being blocked. :-TU ;D

Was it mentioned as block in the comodo log?

Could have been just a “maintenance” of the online features of your product :slight_smile:

Where would I look to check that out? I found a log but I’m not sure if it’s the correct one because it doesn’t say that it blocked the program.

Simply click on one of the numbers in the main interface: For example
“Firewall blocked (number) intrusion attempts.”
This opens the log for the firewall.
You could do that for each layer of comodo.
Or you can press on the bottom of this log window, “more”.
Then you can see all logs on one screen.

When I clicked on the Summery tab and then clicked on the number under Defense +, I saw that in fact my Dock program shows in the list under the Unrecognized Files tab.

Also there are a few entries from my anti-virus program under the Unrecognized Files tab. The dates for both my anti-virus program and my Dock program under the Unrecognized Files list is 3 days ago.

There are only two entries under the Submitted Files tab. They are both from the Dock program. They are dated in Jul of this year and earlier this month. Be advised, the Dock program is developed in several sections such as modules, docks, shelves etc. that are separate but work together, so two different sections of the program show up in the lists.

Should I move all of these entries, if so, where?