Cannot Access Anything

I was able to open Firewall earlier, but then could not get any of the choices to do anything. As computer was also showing a few other odd matters, I rebooted. Now, Firewall is even worse: I can click on the Taskbar icon, which opens the menu, but clicking on any of the entries does nothing at all.

As I was writing this, my previous clicking on Open apparently took effect, but I still cannot do anything there, and the only way I can close it is to click on its icon and select the close window command.

Before I proceed, any idea as to why this bad behavior, as well as suggestions on how to fix it? For example, should I download and install a new copy on top of the existing one, or ought I to remove the installed copy and then reinstall?

As a retired fire chief, I know what a firewall is, and how it is supposed to work…

from your report, everything indicates that something on your computer is consuming a lot of resources and I can’t open a program or functions on it;

but first run the diagnosis, if you don’t know how to run, access the help link: Internet Security Software Main Interface | Internet Security Help | COMODO

sometimes the program may stop working, a reinstallation almost always resolves, if you want to do that:

  1. download:
  2. at the end of all steps, download the comodo internet security: Comodo Forum
  3. clean install comodo internet security