Cancel during uninstallation?

Hello, I have a very big problem.

I decided to uninstall CTM because I found out that it does not make actual backups of anything, but does other things. Now I have a problem.
During uninstall this happened:

I believe my hard drive is broken or something. The mouse cursor works fine, but I do not know how to cancel or skip this. What will happen if I turn my computer off now? How can I stop it? Please help.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Two hours later, the progress is still at 63%.

Will I lose everything if I turn off the PC?

if im not mistaken its reverting your computer back to baseline. during the uninstall it asks if you want to keep the system at its current state or revert to baseline. by default i think it reverts to baseline. so if you werent reading all the windows this could happen easily. idk how long ago your baseline snapshot is from so i cant say if you will lose data or not.

Thank you for your uninformed, misguided and unhelpful reply.

First of all, the default for uninstalling is the current snapshot, which I selected.
Secondly, my hard drive was having problems and the uninstallation was frozen, as you can see on the screenshot. So your reply about options is a complete misunderstanding.
Lastly, I just risked it and pressed control+alt+delete and the whole thing restarted, but to my surprise the uninstall continued normally. It went to 70% and froze again. A few three-finger-salutes later it completed successfully in one go and none (I believe) of my files were lost.

Thank you Comodo for installing failsafes in the event of an emergency shutdown or reboot.

Wow! so much drive!

Really, it happens. It’s not unusual thing for CTM.

If there’s no problems with the hard drive then the restored snapshot of the protected disk or disks is just the same.


Desperate102, congratulations on your success with “three-finger-salutes” !

CTM is an advanced system restore tool rather than a backup one. I think people having the same problem like you on uninstallation should try this little trick, but make sure to wait for at least 15 mins before doing each “salute” :slight_smile: