Cancel Account - Need Refund

I need to cancel my hackerguardian account and have my credit card refunded.

I have had about 20 emails to various email addresses and departments over the past week and I still do not have a satisfactory reply on getting the PCI compliance software to work correctly. The last email I had was that my situation was due to a recent software upgrade and it was forwarded to development.

I have a deadline to meet for PCI compliance and I cannot wait around to see if or when someone from your company will address my issue.

Please cancel my account and issue a refund. I have also sent this request as an email to but have yet to receive any reply back for over 2 days now.

Your product is not functional and your support is severely lacking.

Thank you.

I switched from another vendor because of the price. I know the original post is 4 years old but I am having similar issues, and I pretty much exhausted all of my options. If I knew it was this problematic I wouldn’t have done the switch. PCI scanning is great an all, but I could not put those badges on the web site properly no matter what. It has been 3 months. I got very similar response to yours from support. I got the impression that Comodo use their resources more for the sales dept and not enough for the development. I will contact the original sales person one more time, whom seems to be the most helpful, and see what she says.