Can you restore the ability to purge now deleted files from the file database?

CIS 8.2 changed around how trusted files etc - and files that users had said were “ok” were stored by Comodo, compared to 6.x, 7.x and 8.1/8.0.
Those older versions had always had a purge option, which caused CIS to remove records of files that now had been physically deleted from the harddrive (and thus the record of an exception/trusted file was no longer relevant) - presumably to keep the lists smaller/more manageable, and thus slightly more efficicent.

Could the next/a subsequent version of CIS reintroduce the “purge” facility please?



The purge function is highly useful. Don’t know why the developers removed it. They should not have removed it, this function was of great use to remove unnecessary entries in Trusted Files List.

I will not upgrade to CIS V8 until the purge function is restored by the developers.

Can you please add a Poll to the Wish so we can vote?

Yes please… i have to delete old entrys manually because of this, i check constantly for file ratings and without the purge action this is difficult. :-TD

Hey Mike, Hey Guys,

We will restore the ability to “purge” with the next major release which is planned for July :slight_smile: It is on our roadmap, we are working on it. :-TU

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Just to confirm to anyone interested, yesterday’s build does NOT have the purge feature re-added. I guess we will indeed need to wait for the next major release for Comodo (as outlined above).

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Yes we will restore purge option with the next major release V9.x . Beta version release is planned for July.

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