can you read this?

7HOUGH 1 H4V3 4LR34DY R34D 17 50MW4R3 1N F0RUM.

H4H4H4 :smiley:

600D 57UFF!

W4R3? :slight_smile:


607 71R3D 70 UND3R574ND?

7H15 15 D1R3CT TR4N5L4710N 0F 7H3 0P 1N70 RU5514N ! :wink:

That’s so interesting… After the third line I could read it easily; close to fluent. Number 7 representing the letter t was an obstacle.

Men knee ■■■ pole gnu the potent shell of the hue men my end was ink red a bull.

Now this has me puzzled. Can anybody figure it out?

M3 - N0 ???

All can read this I think. It just want to make you feel special.

Thats Melih alright. :smiley:

Good one LOL! :slight_smile: :-TU

Have someone read it aloud to you, the sounds will create a meaningful sentence.

[Men Knee] [■■■ pole] [gnu] the [potent shell] of the [hue men] [my end] was [ink red a bull]
| | | | | | |
Many people knew the potential of the human mind was incredible

:o :o

Nicely done. (:CLP)


Thanks for posting the solution to the puzzle. Are there any non native English speakers who had figured it out?

VERY clever!!! :-La :-TU