Can you DL a current BOClean definitions file w/o connecting to the 'net?

I’ve got a an older desktop on one of workbenches running W2K which I transfer DLed files that I need for a particular project. I also use it for listening to music or whatever while working on a project. I get project files from friends as well. I don’t connect this computer to the 'net as if I did I would be surfing instead of getting anything done. If I need to connect I just walk over to my electronics bench, or open my laptop if I have it with me, but would like some real-time AM protection on it. I can DL updated definitions file from my AV since I have multiple accounts with them. I was just wondering if you could do the same with BOclean, (and will BOClean even work with 2K?) or can you transfer the BOclean definitions file from one 'net computer to another non-'net connected computer. thx

Hi jrx10 :slight_smile:

Yes, BOClean works on W2k, and you can download the definition file from ftp :

… and move the file to the location specified in the BOClean configuration screen ( Location of BOClean database file ). But copying the boc425.xvu file from one - to another pc is ofcource also possible :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

P.S. Things could change with the release of BOClean 4.26 , that is I don’t know if ftp downloads will still be possible. But I will ask Kevin about it and let you know :slight_smile:

Beginning with the 4.26 version, we’re no longer doing FTP as the massive number of people downloading caused the FTP servers to get overloaded from time to time, and that resulted in too many “corrupted downloads.” So as of 4.26, we’re now running HTTP servers for the updates.

Best way of going about a “manual update” is to use the “Updater” in the Comodo BOClean programs group on the start menu, but if you want to do it manually, the URL is now:

Load balancing is in effect on a basis of where you are and preventing servers from getting overloaded under peak demand, so don’t be surprised if the above redirects to another of our servers from time to time. The above master address will ensure you’ll get a good download.

Everthing works fine this morning. Must have been a DNS problem.

Space aliens. :slight_smile:

Thx Kevin & others.

but if you want to do it manually, the URL is now:

Stupid question. Is there a procedure or a link to the procedure for updating 425.xvu to 426.xvu manually, after downloading 426 or do you just install 426XVU in place of 425 in all users, application data, BoClean etc. or under BoClean in program files. Unlike my AV, I don’t see in the BoClean GUI where I can change the update location from the BoClean 'net address to file, or I’m just not finding it. Thx

You need to install 4.26 on the other machines first, then it’s a matter of downloading the definition file and copying it over if you need to. The BOC425.xvu file and the BOC426.xvu file are different and you need to copy the correct one for the version in use on that machine. 4.25 will end sometime next month, so 4.26 is where you want to be anyway …