Can/will someone verify that you can select (de-select) which partitions you

want to back up? On my Vista laptop I just use D for some handy backups. A long time ago I had to revert back to v.154 or .157 because with subsequent versions choosing not to back up D was not an option. I asked this question about the .178 beta and someone did respond that the option was available. I have been using CTM on an XP desktop and the Vista laptop from day one and I’ve only ever had one issue. I monthly uninstall CTM on both machines while I image them with Paragon, then reinstall CTM. I completely corrupted the MBR on the laptop one time but after one sleepless night repaired the MBR and recovered the whole pc with a Paragon image. I’m reasonably sure it was v.166 or later, which if so would have had both partitions backed up, so maybe that contributed to the problem. At any rate, I love CTM, use it on both pcs to test software all the time and once in a while to “save” me. I monthly uninstall it and have never had a problem except that one time. Thank you Comodo!

When I installed the new version I was offered to protect C and D. I just chose C as my docs etc are on D.

Hi ratchet:
You can choose to protect any partition during installation. Certainly, the system partition is necessary to protect.

Best Reagards.