can we set auto update time

the program works fine, but it constantly look for updates, like at least 8 times a day, and it’s affecting my internet and program efficiency. I don’t want to have to change the options for automatic update every single time I want to do some online gaming or recording videos.

is it possible to set a specific time that the program should look for update? most of the anti virus have this feature, but for some reason I can’t find it for comodo firewall.

ah wrong board, but since firewall and antivirus use the same interface, the same problem should apply.

disable “looking for updates” under the “on access scan” setting (this one affects the auto update).

make an own “sheduled scan” definition, and choose just a little file somewhere to be scanned by it. If you enable “update for sheduled scans”, you can choose the update frequence with this setting.

alright, wrong board… I only have firewall and defense+

The firewall and defense+ wouldnt try to update that often.

Have you disabled the cloud features? In defense+, online look up and file transmitting.

What lets you think, your problem would be updates?