Can we pls inform these editors about Comodo!

Hi Everyone
I need your help in sending an email to these editors and introducing Comodo to them as they don’t yet know about us. I am sure they will be grateful to your introduction as this will benefit their readers.,aid,126541,00.asp

and another site:
who is not aware of Comodo…



I have sent an e-mail to the gentleman at


I will also start sending emails to the links Melih posted. I have also added my review on and other sites :wink:


As have I ;D

Interesting, there is a link above that goes directly to the most popular national newspaper in my country. I did not expect that it would even be spotted by Melih. ;D

Anyway, I have send them an e-mail (to the guys at

I do hope that a review will be out in the newspaper. If it does, then I can bet that Comodo will get a sudden surge of Malaysians (yes, I am a Malaysian) flooding the download sites of Comodo.

Yours truly,


thanks DoomScythe!