Can we have some programs keep the changes they make while CDS is in use?

Lets say our anti virus program updates while CDS is in use or our browser autoupdates to the newest version. Can we let CDS keep those changes while deleting all others???

Hmm this would be good and I can understand the reasons for wanting to keep certain files… such as av signatures for example… Just like exlusion lists for files on AV’s - It would good if we could have an exclusion list for certain applications in CDS…
If this was implemented I would always have CDS activated. Also when CDS\sandboxing gets more development it would be good for a new pop up, or maybe intergrated into a D+ pop up in either 2 points “Allow writing on real disk” or “Allow writing on virtual disk”

Also, do the Windows Updates save?

no it won’t save in this version.

But you can always update and then reboot and see if you want to save the session or not…
this way, if the update caused problems, u can always fall back :slight_smile:


Yes, But if you like the end results of the “windows update, or other application” The save is only effective for that session. You could Save session for 20 reboots, then unsheild and loose everything

not if you use that session you saved as the baseline going forward.


you would simply revert back to last session (which means all the changes done before the reboot) are discarded

Hmm Melih maybe then I have a bug? or is it functioning correctly? Example;

Monday I sheild my drives, I reboot my pc once each day (clicking on keep session) how ever on Friday I choose to discard, It discards everything back to Monday when I first turned shield on. This means that it is not permenant.

^ If that is correct ^

I think what J2897 and I (and other users) would like to chance to make certain files permenant, such as av signatures etc.

That’s correct J2897. What I would like is certain things always stay permenant… ATLEAST av signatures from CIS…