can someone help me set up my firewall to allow ICS please! [Resolved]

Hi im a new member to this forum so please be friendly with me .
Anyway the computer i am currently on has comodo firewall pro on it.

I recently bought a new computer for another room and have connected it to this computer via ICS (internet connection sharing).
however i have run into a problem.

This computer that i am currently on runs absolutely fine with CPF running, however the other computer will not go on the internet it just times out.
When I disable the firewall both of the computers work fine.

I spoke with a friend who tells me i have to allow the other computer in the network settings on my firewall by allowing a certain IP address etc.

However i really dont have a clue how to find this IP address and allow it etc
so could someone please give me a step by step instruction guide on how to get this firewall to allow my other computer and how to find the other computers IP address etc to allow it to work.


ps both computers are on windows xp home sp2

hello welshy0711 (:WAV)

to set up ICS click on security at top of comodo window then click on tasks.

Go to the bottom of the page and click on Define A New Trusted Network

Select a zone from the list (the way the other pc connects to yours)

click next then finish

make sure the rule is above the block rule at the bottom of the list

also you will have to run the windows network set up wizard on both pc’s

start… settings… network connections… network set up wizard

when netowrk setup wizard is complete you will have to disable the windows firewall on the networked connections as it automatically enables it

to do this right click on local area connection (found same place as network setup wizard)
windows firewall… settings
check off and save

Thats brilliant thanks!
Ive been searching for days trying to find someone to help me and you have been the first person to give me instructions that work :BNC