Can one help me please? :(

Can help as a me? It would be really important. thank you
Hello, my name is Nico and I come from Switzerland, I have a forum called ‘’ Search results
IPS Community Suite 4 ‘’ on uploaded and installed, at first everything went perfect until I received the copy, I have my forum immediately removed and now have total panic that my PC been hacked or otherwise which may happen to me, I very much hope that one can hereby help me, I really do not know what else I can do, I ask for a quick response.

I thank my times quite warm in advance :cry:

Hi Nici,

If you suspect your computer is infected, you can ask for malware removal assistance from a Comodo technician via .

Thanks and regards,

It looks like a legit forum software to me judging by this Wikipedia article. Does the IPS Community Suite 4 come with an offer to host at (possibly for free)? That could explain the certificate for identification of a remote computer.