Can not uninstall ISESRV.exe


I had a hard time with the last shift (CPU load 100% + hours), I uninstalled CISP completely using Windows pgm which worked normally, however I keep in “Program Files” the CISP file that I can not eliminate and getting the following msg: “error while deleting the file … / unable to delete ISESRV.exe access denied / check that the disk is not full …”.
I tried unsuccessfully Official Comodo Uninstaller v2.0.0.3 Released

What should I do to get a clean start before relocating?
thanks in advance

It’s the service for Internet Security Essentials. Try uninstalling that from Control Panel

Thanks for the suggestion, but I have no control panel since I uninstalled it, I wish to have a complete cleaning before reinstalling CISP.
Good continuation

Windows Control Panel? . . . . Programs and Features?

See the help page: Remove Comodo Internet Essentials, Network Security, SSL Certificate | COMODO

Hello Ploget and futuretech,
thank you for your answers, but as I said I uninstalled CISP according to the normal procedure and it went well, comodo was removed from the list of programs, but it remains this file () I’m looking for to be removed before reinstalling CISP.
) Comodo folder containing ISESRV.exe