Can not log in to

Hi, I like to report a problem. I can not log into cCloud. I already have an account and when I log in, it shows error massage 231: Expired account. The subscription needs to be renewed.

So I turn to web page. I log in and normally it said my account is expired.

I click “Renew your subscription today!” and I chose 10GB free account.

  1. I entered my username and password ( that I used so far ) and it said that account already exist ( and it not let me in to my cloud )

  2. then I chose “Already have an account? Sign in” but then take me back to begging when it said that my account is expired.

How can I go to my cloud ?


What is your username?

[quote author=Emanuel Sescu link=topic=98960.msg715454#msg715454 date=1382284490]

What is your username?

My user name is my email address. I send you on your email just now ( don’t want to expose it here ).

Try now please.

Now it works. Thanks Mr. Emanuel. And since I have you “online” I would ask you, will I get also those 10GB as I see that Comodo offers in new version for free. As I see I still have only 5GB. ( I know, we are never satisfied :slight_smile:

To get 10GB for free you can either create a new account with a different email address or you can send an email to and request them to change your subscription type from 5GB free to 10GB free.


I will. Thank you very much.

Best regards