Can not install ZTL

Hi…linux noob here but with concern about the support on ZTL (and yeah, TSL…which I really thought was a cool distro until everybody else abandoned the project except for the lone programmer)

I’ve already installed ZTL (Trustix) but I needed a stable one and TSL seems it is going down the drain with little to no support. I thought that after the having may question answered, there are still support. Unfortunately, upon reading the mailing lists and observing the forum, there seems to be little activity so I abandoned the idea of using TSL. One more thing, since this last week, the site “” seems to be always offline most of the time (atleast on my time zone…+5 GMT).

Tried to setup ZTL again, this time with CentOS, unfortunately, I can not get it to run as I can not install the ZTL (after the setup)…the error is pointing to “” that is always offline.

Melih, I’m making it clear that I am not against anybody here and I think all Comodo’s products are good, just airing my grievances for the lack of support. As an MS admin, I would like to have an experience in linux (desktop and administration wise)…and yeah, just installed ubuntu on my desktop and I am now using it. I would like to be a switcher and finally feel the fulfillment of what I have just been reading.

Hope you can address this. :■■■■

Thank you and more power!!!