Can not install free email version

Please see attached…
I have a Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia Cinnamon 64-bit OS

I have repeatedly tried to download the “free” S/W of Email Virus protection and receive an error for a missing file(s) or archive(s)…have enclosed image

quite frankly I really do not know what to include that would be helpful to you??
and apparently my numbering skipped no. 4 ??

please help me am anxious to load a virus protection (because wife had downloaded some virus on her google chrome???)

do not like your punishment had a typo in file extension and lost most of my attachments???

I changed all caps title to normal case. Eric

Do not bother using this mate…

You will never get a respond as clearly they have abandoned the forum.
Also they changed pricing etc. out of the blue, leaving all users in a pinch.

Use something better, something that works… Just not this.
They are far too greedy and way too distant to be bothered with.