Can Not Install Final Ver .. 4 drives only!

Just tried to install and it would not let me … said it only supports 4 drives
I have 7 But it never asked me if I wanted to JUST install on the c:\

I really JUST want the c:\ Protected … the other 6 drives are just storage drives.

Beta Test Answer …
" Hi WarlockWeary.
Thanks for your report. We will fix the problem in next version.
Any Suggestions ?

And of as YET , still NO REPLY ? !

I 2 am experiencing this same issue , I have WIN764 with 2 IDEs n 3 sAntas

upon install of most recent ver ZEN client_setup_2.5.129464.157

i recieve a mary pop-uP of > time machine does NOT support 4 disks >:(

I find it odd that there have only been two reports of this bug , don’t you agree ?

  • con FUZed hue Mon ???

Hey ! , does anyone know what I can do software-wise without actually PHsically Removing touching my other hard drives ? ?

I’m all ears ! ;D

Some BIOSes has the feature to disable hard drives, not all though, I haven’t. You can try it this way.
Or you can find a utility which can phisically (internally) disable some hard drives, not all again. I don’t know if it helps - I’m not aware of the installer mechanism.