can not connect half the time

CTC Users,

I have the monthly subscription of CTC. I seemed to be able to connect only half the time either due to “unable to auth” or some other error code. My question is one, is there a support number, two, is this par for the course for this product (50%) connectivity. I am not sure I am willing to pay for this if I can’ t assure my data for only half (I am being generous) the time.


PS anyone else know of a similar, better service

I have similar problem. Two months ago they blocked my account due to false DMCA complaint for a few days.

A month ago they blocked my account for 2 days due to false multi-login.

And yesterday my account was blocked again! I’m unable to connect for 40 hours, support does not reply to my ticket CPC-833332.

TrustConnect is one of the most unreliable services I’ve ever used. I probably will request a refund and will migrate to other VPN service.