Can not clear unrecognized File.

I have CIS7 (clean install)
My unrecognized Files list, shows 1 PDF file located in a DVD disk.

I can’t delete, Purge or do anything with that file…
I moved it in the trusted files list (I can see it there) but it is still listed as 1 unrecognized file…

C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\database
folder is empty…

What can I do to clear the unrecognized Files list?

Why a PDF is unrecognized? It is not an executable… I have thousands of PDF… Am I going to face the same problem with everyone?
Thank you in advance…

I’ve run into a similar problem with v6.3. Try this, in Unrecognized Files, choose to “move” the file to Trusted Files and delete it from there. This method has worked for me in the past.

The old database folder is no longer used in v7.0:;msg746841#msg746841

I did it but no luck… Still in Unrecognized Files.

In order to add, move, remove (etc) this file from the trusted list, I have to enter the DVD into drive.
If no DVD in drive all actions failing… I think this is a bug…
What if I don’t have the DVD anymore?

Any ideas are welcomed…


I just saw that all my PDF files are treated as unrecognized when I try to open them…!!!
I have thousands of files to many folders I have to move them one by one to trusted files!!
Is there any way to say: “Trust all PDFs?” or “Do Not ask for PDFs” ?


After reading your link:;msg746841#msg746841

I did the following:
I got the files


From an older backup (4 days old)
And I replaced the current ones.
The unrecognized files are now 0

Is it possible that I did a damage to CIS by doing that?

PDF files from external devices are treated as unknown executables as PDF files can execute scripts.