Can not be accessed

ComodoUnite, do not connect since yesterday, nor my friends nor I fail to connect, no one can gain access …

to happen?
will be in maintenance?

it s. god know for how long

Yes it seems the service is unavailable, next time please also open a trouble ticket on this might improve the time to fix.

servers down?((((

Seems, the problem back again. Not logging in from several locations. :frowning:

they shut it down for good. first you can’t create account, now they shut it down. comodo - worst company ever. not using any of they software any more.

av - avira

firewall - zone alarm

unite - evolve vpn.

thanx for a good news, pal )) at least, wont hope for restoration of service… the only question is - what to do now? how to connect distant offices same easy way, as it was before?? slight panic (((

hamachi ?

yeah, i’ve tried… but negative to that… fails establishing “direct” connection between computers

how many pc’s to connect ? and are they always stay online ? 24 hrs ?

from 4 to 8 PCs… at least 2 of them are online 24/7

what about hamachi premium ? for smaller network, it’s around 30 $.

well you can try wippien ( ) or - but i have never test it - gbridge ( )

and here some links ( although not sure any f them will be use full for you )

NeoRouter :: The network revolves around you (this on is good, but it’s pain in the bottom to configure and run ) - but there is a great help & documentation - give it a try. thinking of replacing it over hamachi. great stuff + it’s for linux and macos too

thanx for ur help, friend, but maybe me startin 2 have a very special karma for vpn-systems ))))

…downloaded and installed remobo, but it doesnt connecting as well, reports about connection timeout… will keep tryin

check firewall.

firewall is off at all… tried on different pc’s different locations/providers ((

so i wiuld say it’s a glitch from remobo itself.

go to remobo forums and post about it. from time to time, it does have issiues like that ^^

Comrade, you’ve just saved my soul!! :BNC that is potentially best prog as alternative to dead EasyVPN!!! Hope, it will work fine and long )))

P.S.: may i thank u somehow? liqpay or smth? :■■■■

neorouter is fine. great i would say. but it takes a lot of time to properly configure it. once you’ve done it, well just enjoy it.

have you try remobo ?

well, not too much time for configs, comparing to EasyVPN, for example. with Neorouter u dont need even to create and confirm an email-accounts for each connection. the only issue, that u have to allow ports in firewalls manually (at least for windows’7)

remobo seems to be easy too, but it just didn’t worked (as i wrote before). and yes, i’ve been to remobo forums and it seems, many users have a similar connection-troubles. and they (remobo-developers) had no decision for that, askin users to send em their log-files etc…