Can it clean the winsxs folder?

I’d like to know if CSC can clean the most annoying Windows folder, winsxs?
I know this folder is critical and we can’t clean it manually, would it be possible to traceback which files are used and which one aren’t, to remove them?
Because winsxs keep on getting bigger each time I look at it.
Last time I formated my Vista, this directory was 22Gb…

It can’t.

It is something to only meddle with if one has lots of time to spare and is not afraid of serious consequences. I guess you could make it accessible the same way you can make system restore folders accessible.


We will investigate if we can clean this.

wow thanks :slight_smile:
I did some research and it seems some files are hard links, they shouldn’t take space. But Windows seems to count them when it calculates free disk space. And disk space is pretty critical on small SSD (64GB), that’s why I asked.

In the mean time:

win7 x64 here.

Yep, it will not work on Win7 :-[

It looks like it’s not so big.

You might want to check out the UltimateDefrag. Among others it moves files not accessed often (some winsxs files are not being accessed for months) out of the way. Download it’s manual to learn what distinguishes this defragmenter from others.