Can I use it with Firefox-portable?

CVE does not see my Firefox…

Hi myuser ,

Please provide a bit more information about your system environment …
it may help developers to pinpoint the problem , because as you can see below - the latest portable 3.6.6 Fox is working & there is a green border by CVE

I haven’t tested it with Fox 4 beta 1 portable yet though, which is installed as well


Can you test it with Fox 4 beta 1?

Sure I can, jovan111p

But keep in mind that many add-ons/ plug-ins /extensions… are not compatible yet with v4

Some of them can be run on already (again not all of them yet)
As you can see NoScript was installed on beta 4 but Vengine is incompatible



Comdodo Dragon41112 - installed
Firefox366 - portable
IE8 - installed
Operausb1060 - portable

Do You use Verification Engine Add-on in Firefox browser ?! Just I have taken notice (my pictures are switched off on internet)
Where did You find it out ? Is it .xpi file?

Thanks for reply, myuser

Do You use Verification Engine Add-on in Firefox browser ?
Sorry, but why was that question asked? Sure I do

Few things to clarify:

1) the tests / images showed by me were performed on XP ,were I have Vengine installed & it works with Firefox 3.6.6. installed on hard drive (my main default browser) and it works with the latest IE8, which I’m never ever using except for some testing & when badly written Software will call it because its (IE) invoking being disgustingly hardcoded;

2) The same as above applies to win7 x64;

3) the portables were tested on XP Pro, but not yet on win 7.
I’m not using that OS as my working OS, but supporting the systems for clients, who have the system pre-installed.
Therefore - I will take my portables & test it on win 7 as soon as I have access to those PCs

Unfortunately there is no <>.xpi that can be found on the Net as a separate Fox’s Add-on
At the same time “VerificationEngine_ff3_6.xpi” can be found residing in the (by default) “C:\Program Files\Comodo\VEngine\” folder

So basically you may try using that one
Honestly I haven’ done that yet
The developers may answer the question why that one was not released “into the wild” like and XPI ???

Finally, regarding

… Just I have taken notice (my pictures are switched off on internet)…

what do you mean by that? I can see all images you posted – it is the matter to allow cross-site
Do you mean other images? Are you using NoScript or RequestPolicy?
Please check the blocking(s) you currently have in your browser

My regards

My pictures are switched by me myself off. Usually text is enough for me. Yesterday I was checking my pictures after loading and I have noticed your post has a picture…
Seems You use an add-on called “verificationengine” in Firefox.
I have not no .xpi file(s) in “C:\Program Files\Comodo\VEngine\ folder only 5 files (VEngine.exe, VEngineIE32.dll, VESetup.exe, Vista.cjstyles, xmllite.dll.)

That’s a bit strange ??? (see attached image)
I hope the developers will answer this question

[attachment deleted by admin]

I think that is because VerificationEngine installation package does not “see” installed Firefox browser during installation process and does not extract the VerificationEngine_ff3_6.xpi add-on and does not place it into C:\Program Files\Comodo\VEngine

Most likely you are right, since you are using the portable version only.

Again, I hope the developers will reply…

… and actually it would be nice indeed to have standalone installations for Add-ons for whatever currently supported browsers :-La