Can I use I-vault only for storage?

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Can I use Comodo I-Vault only for store my passwords and confidential data, without to use automatic filling forms, browser integration and other resources?

All that I want is a software to store, protect and provide me access to the passwords and data when I need it. So, can I use I-Vault for this, or, it runs by this way?

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There is an option in I-Vault to allow auto completion of webforms. If you don’t select this then it won’t do anything, and would act just as a repository of password info. This, in fact, is exactly what I use it for - somewhere other than my head to store passwords. :wink:

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Can you answer one more question, please?

The “master” or “main” password in I-Vault also is stored using 256 bit encryption?

And, all the data stored in I-Vault are secure, in case of a hacker attack, invasion, etc?


Yep (almost 100% positive on this) and Yep, providing you dont have “Display password” turned on. You’re better off if you have to click on the asterisks to display the actual password.

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Thank you again for all your help! :slight_smile: