Can I use custom comodo trust logo


I’m web developer and recently installed Comodo SSL on my site. I want to install the Trustlogo but found its too old style graphics and I don’t like it, and not suitable with the design of my website.

So I’ve created a custom logo but I thought I must take permission from Comodo before using it. I’ve only used ‘Comodo Secure’ text on it, so I think it shouldn’t be a problem.

Btw, here is my site where I want to use it (on the footer section)

Also, the custom logo is attached below.


Any response from Comodo team?

Or have I posted it to the wrong section? or, Should I contact support team directly?

Hi nitya,
Submitting a ticket might be the best approach.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the Reply!

I posted it to forum section because I think it could helps others with same query too.