Can I use COMODO Firewall for blocking ads server?

I’ve been thinking for this since last year, even I already own AdBlock Plus inside Firefox but that’s not enough. Is there any function or trick for this?

Thanks before…

No, this is not a built in function of the firewall. You can block ad servers by creating blocking rules, but the process is manual.


NoScript and Greasemonkey are useful too. Ghostery and TACO may help a bit. :slight_smile:

I already own NoScript.

Is the My Blocked Network Zone features can be used to block the ad server?

Yes, that would be how to achieve blocking. It may slow your browser down a bit as it will retry several times to reach the address before timing out.


Nothing happened, the ads still showing up… Is there any additional configuration for this?

Can you post the offending page with ads?

here the link full of ads and images…

If the ads and the useless images blocked will became like this, the website load much faster (using AdBlock Plus)

I just want to know how to use COMODO Firewall to block the ads server, so I don’t need AdBlock Plus anymore, and other web browser in my system don’t need to be configured for blocking ads (Opera with Block Content feature)

Sorry if my English conversation is bad.

Thanks before…

I’m just curious why you want to stop using AdBlock Plus, as this is exactly what it is designed for.

I am a little mystified about why you want to stop using adblock as well but more puzzled by your example. I do not use adblock. I do use noscript. Using noscript I added google ads server to my always blocked jscript rules. I have not seen a google ad since.

Visiting the site you listed, the only ads I see (with noscript on) are ads from the forums ad server itself. IE “” You cannot block the IP address of those advertisments without blocking the site itself. As a matter of fact because they are dynamicly generated images even noscript doesnt block them (Only blocks javascript) Only adblock blocks based on names of folders (“adserv”)

For IP blocking I usually use peerguardian… It is free, opensource and very effective. I have had issues with blocked network zones not blocking instantly in the past. I dont know why.

Maybe because of block by hostname bug?

For Firefox there is an add-on that I use as a last resort to remove pesky ads. Search for Remove It Permanently.

RIP only hides things though. The ads still load.

If that’s all you want to do, you can install the Element Hiding Helper for AdBlock Plus.