Can I use Comodo BOclean as my only dedicated antispyware application [resolved]


I have been using CFP for a while now and think it is great. I curently am also using NOD32 for antivirus and AVG paid version for antispyware.

My subscription to AVG (I purchased it as Ewido) is running out, so I am wondering, if I install BOclean (when it is released) whether it can serve as an adequate replacement fo AVG antispyware. I realise the two programs are not identical in their function, but since I have a good AV program (NOD) maybe I can afford to drop AVG paid in favour of Comodo BOclean free.

anybody have any thoughts on this?

You would have to use others as well. Boclean won’t catch everything and its not a scanner a real time shield.

Boclean & NOD32 will do the job fine.
I used TDS for years and when it went under turned to Ewido & Boclean, after using both for awhile I dropped ewido and kept Boclean. The decision had nothing to do with pricing, I would gladly have paid a yearly subscription for Boclean [and still would] but more to do with performance and reliability and IMHO Boclean won hands down, I also didn’t like the high false positive rate from ewido/AVG, which I note from the Wilders forums still seems to be happening.

BOClean+Nod32+ZAP work for me. Previously I had BOClean+NAV+NPF.

I have had SpySweeper, Giant Antispyware, Counterspy, Pestpatrol, Spybot S&D, AdAware, Spycop, Tauscan, TDS-3, and TrojanHunter. After I bought BOClean none of the scanners ever found anything other than cookies unless it was a FP. I don’t go around looking for trouble, but apparently BOClean+Nod32+ZAP is good enough for me.