can i use comodo banner as signature on googlemail?

hi guys, (:WAV)
i’m using gmail and outlook express 6 as mail client,
1)can i put comodo banner,maybe CAVS banner as siggie? i’ve read that this can be done if my email supports HTML, well, i’m not a techie, so i don’t know if gmail supports HTML.

  1. with a banner as my signature, is it possible that my email would be marked as SPAM?

one more thing, can somebody pls write the code here, so i can just copy-paste it, i’m not familiar with imageshack something.


Hello Ganpa,

  1. Sure you can, but I don’t believe Gmail supports HTML, so I’m not sure how you would do that.

  2. Unlikely, since Yahoo and such advertise in all the e-mails you send (if you’re using a free account).

When you are ready, PM me the banner you would like and I will provide you with a code :slight_smile:

Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance :-[


Although (IMO) gmail is the very best web email I think they have been in beta since Adam begat Eve and it really is about time they allowed HTML.

Imageshack is a fantastic program and very easy to use. I am sure you could save a pic of comodo and add it to your pics in imageshack and transfer to your email. I will have a go today and let you know how i get on.

Imageshack is nice free hosting but it’s so popular that they’re very strained for bandwidth and the images lag. I use instead and the speed is great, also has enough bandwidth but they convert every image to JPG --not only BMPs.

Thanks japo,

I use Imageshack on my forum and has always worked great but I’m easily pleased :slight_smile:

I will have a look at the others you mention (just tried imageshack here and just got the URL so deleted it)

I will definately add the banners to my websites

so,do supports HTML? i’ve tried to put the html code justin gave me in my yahoomail, the pic didn’t show up too,i guess i’ll just use a raw siggie ,

FREE FIREWALL =====> !!!

I think Yahoo does support HTML. But it can be configured, maybe you’ve got your account configured for plain text, so look in the account options. Still, if you send HTML to someone who doesn’t support it (because he can’t or doesn’t want), of course it won’t work. Pls anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

that answers it. i tried to put signature on my account and send it to my gmail account to test it (and gmail didn’t support html).that’s why the sig doesn’t come out

So is everything working ok now?

no, it’s not succeded. but i’ve put a raw sig :

FREE Security software

C.O.M.O.D.O secured for life!!!

;D ;D ;D
and i’ve just join i’ll try to put the banner again soon

still can’t put the sig. i’ve tried to put the url on the message body, and the result → yahoo put my email on “bulk”. (:AGY)

hey, anybody can teach me how to make the banner clickable and link it to comodo website? i’ve read this,can’t find it.;page=post

i think i’m too stupid to find the answer there.
i’m planning on join a forum, some local forums, post something in there and put a comodo banner as my sig.

Here is an example ( , = . and ; = : )

<img src= <img src="http;//i74,photobucket,com/albums/i257/justin1278/fbannerbig12_sept25,gif' </center> </html> <p>IMG Code below:</p> <p>[ur,l=http;//personalfirewall,comodo,com][IM,G]http;//i74,photobucket,com/albums/i257/justin1278/fbannerbig12_sept25,gif[/IM,G]<br> [/ur,l]</p>

okay i give up. i’ll just grab that sig code you wrote, and use it ;D. it’s good to be ignorance coz lots of smart people will help ;D
thx justin

No problem :slight_smile:

Hello friends,

I have some questions regarding it, in order to promote the use of Comodo products:

  1. I also have in mind to use in my mail signatures a comodo banner. I have not problem with the code, but would like to know if is there some legal issue regarding this type of use. Can I do this?

  2. Supposing that the response to the above questions is “yes”, can I use the banners hosted on Comodo Servers or have I to host it on my server?

  3. By making it (a banner/image like signature), can my mails be marked as “spam”, or “malicious” by some recipients, and be rejected?

Many thanks to all! :■■■■