Can I use both XP firewall and Comodo firewall?

When installtion of the Comodo Firewall, it shows that it needs the Windows Firewall to close. why? And… Can i use both? And will them make any conflicts? please help…

The two firewalls running at the same time could and probably will cause conflicts with each other. The same would happen with running two antiviruses at the same time. The two programs are trying to cover the same thing and get in each others way which can cause your pc to do weird things.



Although it has been reported that the two firewalls running at the same time have not conflicted with one another, it is still recommended to not run both at the same time.


Also Comodo firewall is much more secure and safe then windows firewall so there would’nt really be any need for Windows firewall :slight_smile: (L)

Here’s a visual representation of XP firewall strength:;msg87958#msg87958 (Click on the picture to enlarge).