Can I update 3.14 copying the .cav file from one pc to another

Hey there,

A little while ago with a version pre 3.10? i think, I was told I could copy the .cav file from one comodo install to another - providing the same comodo version had been installed on both p.c’s is this still true for version 3.14 - i only use the internet security feature. dial up is a pain for a 94mb download.

It worked for me


You can indeed. It needs to be copied in Windows Safe Mode. Or you can use Comodo Database Updater - Unofficial on the second system.

Actually I found Safe mode was not needed.

After installation Comodo requires a restart - I chose to update CAV at that point in time before the reboot enabled Comodo’s file protection.


Awesome :smiley: thanks guys,

I think I will use safe mode … just to be safe lol

Hey there,

well sure wonderful… i managed to get the update done via manual install of the downloaded .cav into the repair folder :-TU copied from my other brothers p.c which has the similiar specs, operating system and comodo version.

Although now the updates to Comodo on my p.cs comodo antivirus arent updating… did i forget something?? conection jumps to 30% sits there and then fails… i dont know if the comodo server times out or what…

I tried using my p.c to directly conect to the internet instead of sharing it via my brothers p.c but this made no difference to the updates, could connect to other sites o.k so dont think there was a configuration issue using I.E 7.05730.13

Help please I am a bit lost with trying to comodo to continue and update by itself or manually. ???

using XP pro x86
512 ram
Comodo 3.14
virus database 1538 is the same version version I had downloaded and then copied and pasted into the repair folder…
Currently only using the antivirus element of comodo.

Many thanks for your :a0 help.

Copy the updated database to the scanners folder.

Check that.


Are you sure, really sure ?
My virus signature, updated yesterday, is 4048
You are 2510 updates out of date
There could be major incompatibility problems,
and even if not then a 100 MB bases.cav will be read into RAM and one update merged and then RAM written back to bases.cav, and again and again 2509 more times.
Whilst that is happening you could decorate the house - and watch the paint dry ! !

I remember seeing topics that will point you to a more recent signature download,
but “search” on this forum is not helpful - I am getting nowhere.

Outside this forum see
It tells you the latest virus signature - unfortunately no clues on how to get it.
What we really need is a single database of everything to date that can be downloaded and used without waiting for thousands of merges of individual updates.

I do not know where you got 1538 from.
I suggest you go back and have another look, something went wrong.


Sorry the bases version number went, Zoooooom right over head.
See this post for the download link and some instructions.;msg339558#msg339558


Thanks for the link - that is what I vaguely remembered.

I have now bookmarked it for future use.

I now have so many bookmarks I need a search tool to find which one I want !