Can I remove the entire VTRoot Folder?

I decided to delete off the entire VTRoot folder. It seems this folder is not recognized by my Windows at all under it’s programs list.

It appears this VTRoot folder is totally the brainchild of Comodo Firewall who created this folder in the first place (without your knowledge).

It is actually behaving like malware, because it does things you didn’t know or approve of…

I think I might remove Comodo Firewall from my computer next. What a lot of TROUBLE.

So my VTRoot folder has subfolders inside it named HardDiskVolume2, HardDiskVolume3, HardDiskVolume4, and HardDiskVolume5. Geez…

That’s how many folders are in there. And then, one of them has got 3 subfolders inside it called Users. ProgramData, and Windows. The Windows one is scary, because it seems to contain a folder named System32 with a lot of .dll files in there.

All these could be part of my game or not…I am not sure. I removed my game already that got installed inside the VTRoot folder by none other than the smart aleck Comodo… >:( >:( >:(

I am not sure how to handle this, so if anyone can tell me whether I can just DELETE the ENTIRE VTRoot folder, that will be fine.

And how to STOP this stupid Comodo from creating the VTRoot folder again…

I don’t need any sandboxes, because I hardly install any games, but when I do install games, this is what happens…

:frowning: >:( >:(

That folder is used by the sandbox. If you delete it, it will just return as long as you are using the sandbox. If you want, disable the sandbox, then delete the folder. It shouldn’t return.

I too, have encountered this issue. Whilst the option of the sandbox is beneficial to my Internet Security, I’m not well versed enough in Virtualization to know if the deletion of VTRoot has any consequences. I’ve turned mine off, but it seems that on my Computer that some of the content’s I’ve installed to my Program Files are in this Sandboxed folder.

What I want to know is, will deleting this folder break anything that would be in it’s respective space in the file directories it has sandboxed for me? I need to know this because it means I’d have to prepare for reinstallation of various software I have installed if this is the case, or am I free to delete it without it messing anything up because they’re just copies of the originals?

Check what’s been blocked; unblock if necessary then empty the Containment / Sandbox and if all correct VTRoot ‘vanishes’ by itself - or it does on mine!