can i put this two program with

Hello there

I want ask can i put comodo internet security with kingsoft


That combo worked well for me. Just make sure you disable the antivirus component.

I’m sure others will come along soon and offer more advice, but for now I do not seem to remember any conflicts.

That’s a sweet combo!
Kingsoft av is beautiful as a flower! :-TU
And CIS is strong as a rock! :-TU
I have used it for a few weeks. Even with the toughest settings both progs worked ok.

You made my day! Ha ha ha LOL! ROFL! ;D

Any adverse effects on browsing etc ??? >:-D

On my comp there were no noticeable slowdowns and other bad effects for CIS + KAV combo. :-TU

thanks all

now I install KAV with CIS

but We recommend to disable any thing in KAV to no conflict between them ???

and sorry but I am not very well in English

No need to disable anything in KAV or CIS. I just installed KAV with CIS 6 beta and as usually both get along very well. :-TU