Can I enter in my home computer from another computer through browser?

I’m trying to figure out how CEVPN works.
If I have it installed in my home computer, the computer is on and connected to the Internet of course, can I access it from another computer using the browser or I need to install CEVPN in the second computer?
Can I access the CEVPNed computer to its network name or CEVNP-IP of it?
Of course, I know the network name and the password and, also, I’m far from my home computer… nobody can “allow” the remote access when invited as nobody is in front of the computer.

Hmmm… seems I’ve found the answer…;msg296774#msg296774

So, maybe, CEVPN is not for me to access my home computer :cry:

Comod Unite may have that functionality:

Thanks Erik. You’ve saved my day. I was reading about Comodo Unite and seems it should be installed in both computers. This makes things more difficult as I need to install it at work… If it could work like others, using and connecting through the browser (e.g., LogMeIn).

After reading and digging, two questions remain for me:

  1. Is it possible to use a browser to get access (logon) into a remote computer running Comodo Unite?
  2. Can one of the computers being used in a business environment (and the other at home) without infringing the free use allowed by the EULA?

I have seen the alpha version of “LoginPro”…a product that can do what you described…

Its very fast and easy to use. and yes you can login remotely simply using a browser!


Well, I just used the LogMeIn Free and not the Pro.
Unfortunately, they add a lot of features in the free version and, suddenly, passed them to the Pro some years ago.
I hate when freewares (or features) become shareware. Seems disrespect with the user!

Will CEVPN follow LogMeIn Pro and have this feature?

Melih, can we expect such feature or drop any hope?
I’m trying to figure it out the use of Comodo Unite. Thanks.

ask Shane pls…

Did it. Thanks.

doesn’t Comodo Unite do it for you?

Well… I need a second computer at work to test… but days are very hard to take time for this. I’ll try to contact my home computer running CEVPN. But I want to use the browser to connect, and not the program itself…

Is there a way to make login and use the browser?
I’ve set Comodo Unite for desktop sharing “password only”, i.e., unattended.
But how can I connect the computers with only one with Comodo Unite installed?

Hi all,

At this point in time Comodo Unite does not support browser only remote access. AFAIK, LogMeIn doesn’t support browser only access either, at minimum it requires a Flash Player plug-in to be installed for your browser.

EasyVPN’s philosophy was for collaboration between parties more than remote access to your own PCs in satellite locations.

As Melih pointed out LogInPro will be a tailor made application for remote control that will have browser only remote control support.


Thanks Shane. Hope the team consider this “other” feature to be added in the future.