can I change the way the Summary appears?

winXP sp3 and CIS 5.0.163652.1142, with firewall and antivirus installed

I first had cis installed with the firewall only. On the Summary tab it was Firewall on top and Defense+ on the bottom. I then reinstalled it, but this time with the antivirus. Now its the antivirus on top, and the firewall is on the bottom. Any way to change that to firewall on top and the av on the bottom?


Sorry no not at this time.


drats!!! I was hoping one could change it. Maybe a nice little feature for the next release.


You could always make a post in the wishlist. Who knows, maybe it will be added.

thanks. It took a while to find the wishlist, but I’ll go file it right now.

Sorry, I should have posted a link… :-[