Can I allow all except those explicitly blocked?

I’m using Comodo Firewall 5.0.163652.1142 and I’m wanting to make it allow all inbound and outbound connections unless I specifically deny the application. Is there a way of doing this? Thanks.

Standard settings allow outgoing traffic in general and will alert you onlly when an unknown program tries to access the web. When you want to be alerted for each program you need to set Firewall Behaviour Settings to Custom Policy Mode.

When you want a program to receive all incoming connections give it the Trusted Application policy.

You may also need to enable “Create rules for safe applications” in Firewall Behaviour Settings.

I assume you didn’t mean to allow all incoming traffic in general.

Thanks for the response. I do actually mean allowing all incoming and outgoing traffic, not asking about new or unknown things, only blocking things that I have manually specified.


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I’m aware of that, but that just fulfils the blocking the application - that’s the bit I already know about. It doesn’t show how to allow everything else by default, without it asking about unknown things.

To clarify: I know how to block a specific application. I know how to unblock them one by one too. What I want to accomplish is have everything unblocked by default and only block those that I specify using the section shown in the above screenshot.

How about using Training Mode? In that case CIS will monitor applications and create automatic allow rules for all new applications. (Firewall > Firewall Behavior Settings > General Settings)

Hmmm… So you’re essentially saying that you want the firewall off except for the applications you choose to block? That kind of defeats the whole purpose of a firewall, but whatever…

Yes, as meeee2 mentioned, you could use training mode. Generally this setting isn’t recommended for all but short durations as it gives any application free reign to connect to whatever it wants. Basically, the firewall is as good as off because it just trusts everything. What I don’t know because I’ve never tried it, is whether or not the ‘block’ works in training mode.

lets see, what number is bigger; the number of applications that you want to run, or the number of all applications in the world?

you say, you want to allow all applications in the world (to connect to your pc and to send from your pc), unless you decide to block it. well, before you decide to block it, it might have taken all the info from your pc remote. IF you have the chance to see it working, what i doubt. so you will never block threats.

i think you dont understand what a firewall is usefull for. it protects you from ingoing attempts. and it protects you from leaking data outside.

allow the FEW things that you want to run. BLOCK the rest per default.
usually you dont need to allow ingoing traffic at all!