Can HopSurf be discontinued?

Can the Comodo Hopsurf be discontinued?

First it was the Ask Toolbar and now this. :-TD

What do you mean Discontinued?

Do you mean remove it from the CIS install?

Yes, you could say that.

But I think it would be better if Comodo had no toolbar.

HopSurf in my opnion is ok, knowing Comodo it will get better.

as for the Search sending to ask, its going to change search engines soon. :wink:

Personaly i have no problems with the current setup :slight_smile:

To be honest, the issue with Ask toolbar is taken care of, for the most part. HopSurf was created, to let Comodo have originality and to quit the Ask toolbar issue once and for all.

Security researchers and experts cannot see that Comodo is working really hard to get all issues straightened out and better the security software. CIS is one of the top rated security products, and deserves good respect. HopSurf is going to be a great product…no doubt about it.


Thanks for hopsurf I found a lot of information including new research on bone growth.

Its an amazing product and we should not get hang up because it comes as a toolbar! Its optional and Its bloody great if you ask me! :slight_smile:


If you don’t like it, Don’t install it :slight_smile:

Nice enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

Okay, it’s just my opinion of toolbars in general.

Just curious:
Will the HS toolbar be limited to the CIS installer?

nope, you can download it from


So, I won’t see Hopsurf in other Comodo products? (Other than CIS and Hopsurf website).
Example; Comodo System Cleaner is purely CSC and not bundled with HS.

Any news on this yet?

I wouldn’t mind if the user when installing hopsurf could choose what search engine they wanted. They could have a few choices, google; yahoo; bing; ask. That way people could once and for all drop the issue.

Not really… but it is coming.

So HS isn’t really a security product?

It’s just some fun ???

Err…it kinda is and kinda isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

After people use it and rate with it, it should show you some OK sites. But it also helps you in just regular exploring.

But I use WoT instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it’s just another useless tool-bar (my opinion). If i had to install all tool-bars that came with software I could not see my screen no more.

Nothing more irritating than more of the same with a different name.

I don’t ever remember someone wishing for a toolbar haha.

Please tell me you’re joking?!

The purple monkey! Bonzai buddy. First piece of malware I ever was infected with. Was pretty fun :slight_smile: Was a double whammy though, Not only was he fun and interactive he also came with a little it of spyware\adware :frowning: