Can disk state be saved across a reboot?

I didn’t find this product listed anywhere for download at Comodo but noticed this forum about it. From the posts here, it seems yet another disk state restore tool. I’ve used ShadowSurfer (when it was free) and Try & Decide which is part of Acronis TrueImage v11. The problem with those products is that if you install a program that requires a reboot to continue or complete its installation then you lose that install because the disk state gets recovered (i.e., your install gets wiped out). While ShadowSurfer was free (now payware), you had to upgrade to the commercial ShadowUser version to be able to NOT lose the disk state across a reboot (and could then later decide as to when you wanted to lock the disk state).

I don’t use ShadowSurfer (although I have the free version) or Try & Decide because they won’t preserve the changed disk state across a reboot. They don’t have an option to NOT restore on a reboot and let me choose later to lock the disk image (after which a reboot would then restore the prior disk state). Since I cannot find information or documentation on DiskShield, I don’t know if it always forces a restore to the prior disk state on a reboot or if I can disable the reboot-and-restore option so an install or setup could survive a reboot and I can then later lock that disk state. I really don’t need another reboot-always-destroys-changed-disk-state utility. I’ve mentioned two of them that I’ve tried but there are others like this. Most of the others but not all have an option to NOT restore on a reboot (but those are usually not free).

I believe that the DEVS are working on this (L)