Can Comodo schedule multiple full drive backups to occur in a row?

I’d like to be able to schedule three drives to be backed up in a row- one after the other.

I don’t seem to be able to do this.

Is there a way to do this?



Yes it can. :slight_smile:

Launch COMODO BackUp. The magic is in steps 1 and 5.

Assuming you’re new to the application…
In step 1 - Selection Type: you can set the BackUp Source to Files and Directories, and tick the checkboxes for all the drive letters you want the drives linked to them will be set to be backed up.

You can instead set the BackUp Source to Disk, Partitions and MBR and get the bonus option of backing up a whole partition, literally, and the MBR which I believe will allow you to save your Windows install info so that the backup, when restored, is bootable as though you just reinstalled Windows… 88)

Each item with a check box will represent a physical hard drive and be named in the order that Windows sees them as attached.
Click the little collapse/expand button next to each checkbox to see what partitions the items contain (and their drive letters) and check them.

In Step 2 you only need to pay attention to the Advanced Settings. Normally you can just skip Step 2.

In Step 3 you get to choose whether to save the backup on your computer (My Computer option), to another computer in your LAN (if available) via the Network option or upload the backup to an online storage space via FTP.
Note that if you chose Disk, Partitions and MBR in Step 1 you cannot backup any drive partition onto itself and so those you selected will be unavailable as a destination.

In Step 4 you get some rather unique settinngs to play with, but you probably won’t need them and should skip this step also.

In Step 5, tick the checkbox to enable Scheduled Backup. Set your schedule setting (Manual, Weekly, Monthly, etc in the dropdown menu) plus the other options that change depending on this setting.

Click Backup Now to go to Step 6 and start the backup, or click Finish to save the Backup. After clicking either button you can click the Schedule tab at the top (among Backup, Restore, Setting, History) and see and control your created, scheduled backup.

Step 6 is the backup process.

Let me/us know how it goes, buddy. :slight_smile: Especially about the restore after… unfortunately I’ve never done this so I can’t help you there.